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Screw-retained dental implants are suitable for single and multiple implant restorations. The screw-access-holes are discreetly located and are designed to provide minimal disturbance to occlusion.

Characteristics include:

  • Easily retrievable as screw retained implants can be removed without damaging the restoration
  • Removable for regular maintenance and hygiene
  • Predictable retention
  • Gingival response may be improved when no cement is necessary
  • Immediate loading, when indicated
  • Provides rigid splinting when using multiple implants, enhancing implant stability

Cementable custom-made titanium abutments are designed for excellent esthetics and stability, providing a precision fit into the sulcus.

Cement-retained implant restorations are similar to conventional crowns and bridges. Crowns and bridges are fabricated indirectly in the laboratory and cemented onto an implant abutment intraorally. Use this technique for a laboratory-modified cementable abutment. The clinician makes an implant-level impression; the lab prepares the implant.

Characteristics include:

  • High strength
  • Margins that are gingival or subgingival, enhancing retention
  • Improved emergence profile
  • Soft tissues are properly supported
  • A passive fit is more easily achievable
  • Divergent angulation of implants is more easily corrected
  • Cement margin will closely follow patient’s anatomy
  • Risk of cement retention is minimized


A crown or bridge where the coping or framework is made of zirconia. Porcelain is applied to the coping or framework to get to final contour.

  • Recommended if stump is dark
  • Conventional cementation
  • Equal strength as a PFM
  • Ideal for long span bridges


All-ceramic crown and/or bridge made by porcelain material. Made from lithium disilicate ceramic—a material that has been harvested for its translucent color and durability. As a result, you get a crown that is tough and durable, but looks exactly like your other teeth. Maximum units for a bridge is 3 units.



Monolithic crown or bridge. The entire crown or bridge is made of zirconia. Very strong restoration intended for posterior if bite is an issue.



Porcelain Fused to Metal

This is a porcelain fused to metal crown and/or bridge made with porcelain bonded to non-precious metal.

Porcelain to Semi-Precious

This is a porcelain fused to metal crown and/or bridge made with porcelain bonded to semi-precious metal.


Maryland Bridge

Porcelain fused to metal bridge made of 1 or 2 pontics and 2 wings. It is made from porcelain bonded to non-precious metal.

Full Cast Non-Precious

This could be a crown, inlay, onlay and/or bridge. This is made entirely from non-precious alloy.

Full Cast Semi-Precious

This could be a crown, inlay, onlay and/or bridge. It is made from a semi-precious dental alloy, yellow or white (silver) in color.

Full Cast High-Nobel

This could be a crown, inlay, onlay and/or bridge. It is made from a high noble dental alloy, yellow in color.

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